Classic Range

Customisable Aluminium Noticeboards

Our most versatile and cost-effective range. Manufactured from aluminium and offering virtually limitless variations in terms of size and options.


  • 3mm thick solid plate aluminium
  • Choice of sizes
  • Lockable poster display cases
  • A1, A2 or 9 x A4 sheet size in each poster case
  • Wall-mounted, rail mounted or free standing
  • Magnetic or pinboard interiors
  • Lockable with allen key locks, front key locks or 'all access' thumb locks
  • 3mm 'Perspex' glazing
  • Integral weatherproof rubber seal

Buy the Classic Range

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Why choose the classic range?

We manufacture these boards from 3mm thick solid-plate aluminium - we don't ever use the inferior aluminium composites which you can bend with your hands! We use cutting-edge routers and digital cutting saws to ensure a perfect finish every time. The poster cases are fully weatherproof and can come with 'all access' locks fitted to enable the general public to insert notices.


2-door A1 displays

1500mm x 1200mm aluminium board with 2 x A1 poster cases


'All Access' thumb locks

'All access' thumb locks for general public notices



Either easy maintenance magnetic panels or pinboard interiors


Here is the price for our most popular option in the Classic range. If you compare like-for-like, we can't ever be beaten on price. View our price list for the full range of options.

  • 1100mm x 850mm
  • Curved top
  • 2 x A2 poster cases
  • Free-standing

£815+ VAT

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